Pg.Dip. CAMH



Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to the PgDip. CAMH programme in accordance with the regulations and the requirements of the University of Ibadan

Admission criteria to this programme will be broad and inclusive to attract CAMH professionals in the various disciplines. A Bachelor’s Degree or post basic qualification in nursing will be the minimum entry requirement. Therefore graduates of medicine, psychology, pharmacy, nursing, social work, special education, health education, sociology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy can apply. A minimum of a one year experience with working with children and adolescents will be an added advantage.


Candidates for the PgDip. CAMH are required to complete the registration formality within the period stipulated by the Postgraduate School of the University of Ibadan.

Duration and mode of study

This programme is designed to be a full time programme consisting of 2 semesters. A description of the full-time programme follows.

The first semester will consist of mostly compulsory courses for all participants. The second semester will consist of a mixture of compulsory, required and elective courses.


The programme will involve course work, seminars, clinical exposure and fieldwork. Candidates are required to register for a minimum of 24 units. One course unit represents a period of 15 hour lectures, tutorials, seminars or 45 hours of clinical sessions, or practical exposure per semester.

The compulsory and required courses are as described in the table below.


CMH 717 Normal Infant, Child & Adolescent Development C
CMH 718 Introduction to the Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents C
CMH 719 Common Disorders & Syndromes in CAMH C
CMH 720 Integrating Behavioural Services into Paediatric Care Setting C
CMH 721 Introduction to Psychological & Social Treatment Methods in CAMH C
CMH 722 Development of CAMH Policy & Advocacy C
CMH 723 Legal Protection & Rights of Children C
CMH 724 School Mental Health R
CMH 725 Ethical Issues in Child & Adolescent Mental Health R
CMH 726 Practical Community & Clinical Attachment C
CMH 727 Introduction to health education and promotion in CAMH E
CMH 728 Introduction to medication use in CAMH E