M.sc. CAMH


Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to the M.Sc. programme in accordance with the regulations and the requirements of the University of Ibadan.

A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of a second-class lower (2-2) grade and a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) will be the minimum entry requirement. Graduates of medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, special education, health education, physiotherapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy and sociology can apply. The applicants must meet the University of Ibadan matriculation requirements for the various programmes. A minimum of a one year experience with working with children and adolescents will be an added advantage. 


Candidates for the M.Sc. CAMH are required to complete the registration formality within the period stipulated by the Postgraduate School of the University of Ibadan.

Duration and mode of study

This programme is designed to be a full time 18-month programme consisting of 3 semesters. The first year of training will be in Ibadan (2 semesters). The first semester will consist of mostly compulsory courses for all participants. The second semester will consist of a mixture of compulsory, required and elective courses. Preparation for the research project will also commence during this period to enable time for literature search, proposal write up and ethical review. Research preparation will be finalized with a topic relevant to the participants’ discipline and environment. During this period a limited number of participants will spend time in one of the offshore collaborating sites for an approximate period of one month while the others remain at home having field exposure also.

The final semester will be spent back at the course participant’s home base collecting data, analyzing, writing up with supervision by faculty. All data will be collected from the course participants’ home base (primary or secondary data). Clinical exposure will continue at the participant’s home base. On completing a thesis, the participant will return to Ibadan for a final examination and a defence.


The programme will involve course work, seminars, clinical exposure, fieldwork and a research project. Candidates are required to register for a minimum of 30 units and a maximum of 40 units. One course unit represents a period of 15 hour lectures, tutorials, seminars or 45 hours of clinical sessions, or practical exposure per semester.

Candidates will carry out a research project in their home university to be supervised by faculty using electronic means. Each research project with carry a 6 credit unit score.

The M.Sc. CAMH is an academic master’s programme. Candidates admitted into the programme are eligible to proceed to M.Phil. and Ph. D programmes if they obtain the required grades as stipulated in the Postgraduate School guidelines.

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