Uwom O. Eze

Uwom Eze, MBBS (Ibadan), FWACP (Lab Med), MForensMed (Monash Melbourne), DipCrim. (eie) is a Consultant in Forensic Medicine (Forensic Pathology and Clinical Forensic Medicine). Upon completion of his undergraduate medical education at the University of Ibadan, he undertook a specialist training in Pathology at the West African College of Physicians.  His interest in medico-legal practice resulted into a post-fellowship professional and academic programme at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)/Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, in addition to a Diploma in Criminology from the European Institute of Education. Thereafter, he undertook an international posting as an Overseas Forensic Pathologist at the department of Forensic Medicine and Science, University of Glasgow, UK.

He has since been working as a Consultant in Pathology and Forensic Medicine to the University College Hospital, Ibadan. Special interests include Injury Interpretation, Sexual Assault , Paediatric Forensic Medicine, especially Child Abuse and Accidental Injuries in children, and Medico-legal Death Investigation. He teaches Forensic Medicine to both undergraduate medical students of universities and postgraduate candidates of professional medical colleges in Nigeria.

He has also been involved as an international trainer in Forensic Medicine under the auspices of African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFM), and was a Fellow of West African Health Organisation (WAHO) in Forensic Medicine at the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Dakar, Senegal in 2011. He is currently the General Secretary and Head of Secretariat of the African Society of Forensic Medicine (ASFM).