Kofoworola Adediran

Kofoworola Adediran, MBBS (Ibadan), M.Sc,  FWACP is a medical research fellow with the Institute of Child Health in the College of Medicine of  the  University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She underwent her residency training in paediatrics at the University College Hospital and her Master degree is in Human Nutrition. Prior to her appointment in the Institute of Child Health, she worked in the pediatrics unit of Adeoyo Specialist Hospital Ibadan, a secondary level health care facility in the sub urban area of the city, where she was further exposed to the health problems confronting children in the community.

Currently in the Institute, she carries out research, particularly from the preventive perspective, in child and adolescent health. She is a lecturer on the Master in Public Health: Child and Adolescent Health programme run by the Institute and also gives instruction to resident doctors of Community Medicine rotating through the Institute. Some areas of her teaching and research interests are nutrition and child health issues including mental health.