4-Week Teaching and Mentoring Visit of a Fulbright Specialist Scholar, Dr. Ezer Kang, Howard University, Washington DC, USA

The Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health was privileged to host Dr. Ezer Kang, an Associate Professor of Psychology in Howard University, Washington DC, USA for four weeks on a Fulbright Specialist Program. Dr. Kang is a leading researcher on mental health of children and adolescents living with HIV. His research has focused on disparities in access to HIV care and stigma among undocumented Asian immigrants, protective and risk behaviours among adolescents with perinatal acquired HIV, faith-based and public health partnership in prevention and care, as well as influences of urban poverty on childhood neurocognitive and behavioural outcomes.

While Dr. Kang was in CCAMH, he participated in the 1st CAMH conference where he delivered plenary and workshop sessions. He also facilitated lecture sessions with the fourth cohort of students on the MSc. CAMH programme and provided one-on-one research review sessions. He also visited some cultural, social and academic sites in southwestern Nigeria.

He has returned to the USA, however, the foundation has been made for his continued involvement with CCAMH beyond this visit and the possibility of a strong partnership between his institution and CCAMH.

Here are some photos from Dr. Kang’s visit.